responsible companies and advertisers


NELEŽ encourages companies and advertisers to protect their brands by not supplying disinformation sites with their advertising budgets.


The contents of disinformation websites in the Czech Republic are full of hateful narratives and lies. This situation has forced us not to back down and turn to you – the owners, directors and other representatives of entities advertising via the online platform. Please do not spend your advertising budgets on websites where disinformation takes place. The profits from your advertising must not be used to divide people or support the spread of blatantly false news.


We count on your help in our fight to maintain a clean, truthful and credible media space. We would be honored for you join our challenge and to help cultivate it so that we can get rid of the lies and hatred.


If you are interested, we would be happy to connect with you so that we can share which websites to avoid when planning your advertising, the ones which we consider to be using disinformation. We’ll also introduce you to the tools that we use to identify these sites, show you examples of misinformation, and help you avoid them.

Thank you!


The NELEŽ group is apolitical and its members work without the right to charge a fee.

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In Prague on 12 February 2020, the founders of the NELEŽ group:

Roman Číhalík, Bob Kartous, František Vrabel, Petr Vlasák, Richard Stiebitz, Ivan Manolov and Pavel Sobek