Everyone has a right to their own opinion. No one has a right to distribute that opinion as fact.


The thorough and systematic production of disinformation has infected Czech society and is deteriorating its purity. It has become increasingly difficult for many people to distinguish between what is true and false. Confidence in traditional media is declining. People do not know what to believe, and confusion is easy to manipulate.

Our goal is to eliminate the spread of disinformation. We want to achieve this goal by cutting off the stream of much needed advertising revenue to harmful websites, and by doing so help prevent the spread of misinformation. At the same time, we will strengthen the trust in media that works with information professionally, responsibly and honestly.

Mutually Beneficial

What do we offer?

At no cost, we will make sure that the money you spend on your advertising is not utilized by sites that manipulate people, distort facts or even lie outright. You will not lose your investment as it will instead be redirected so that its full potential can be realized.

What do you get in return?

Social prestige and esteem. Contributing to the maintaining of a democratic society. Supporting a market which is more economically predictable and stable where consumers are subject to less bogus reporting and targeted manipulation. This combination creates better conditions for business and profit generation.

What we ask of you?

Do not advertise on misinformative sites. We will help you get disinformation sites blacklisted.

If you agree with our mission, support our movement! Join the many brands which are already interested in maintaining a democratic society by granting us permission to use your logo on our website.

Help spread the word with your own media channels. We do not have the resources to make everyone aware of the dangers of misinformation. Every mention will help.

Who are we

We are professionals with many years of experience working with data and media in the field of communication who cannot watch and do nothing as the massive spread of disinformation and lies continues.

We are ready to sacrifice our free time, and to use our professional experience and creativity in the fight against deliberately disseminated misinformation.

Our activity is not political, and we do not seek monetary gain.

Examples of displayed ads on disinformation sites

Do you really want your brand to be represented on a website where half-truths or unsubstantiated claims are promoted?

Associating your brand with an environment that encourages the intolerance of certain groups of people is risky and can damage your reputation.


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